Online versus offline teaching. Is one better?

Pencil and paper versus laser and screen. Online and offline teaching both present benefits and challenges to learning environments. With the trend towards online learning increasing, the looming question for the education industry is are traditional methods of teaching losing relevancy? Why get up, get dressed, and waste gas to drive to a physical classroom, when you can wake up and put your classroom on your kitchen table? The choice would seem easy for student and teacher; however, it is not

Training for the first time

In taking the plunge from teaching to training, one would think the distance would not be that far. After all, they are quite similar. Teachers train the minds of their students. In academia, training is a great skill to have. It incorporates a variety of professional skills and competencies that are invaluable for personal and career development. Still, the leap from teaching to training presented an interesting challenge. For any substantial growth, either professional or personal, it always

Nothing but Fairytales

Stories have always been a part of my life. Raised in the suburbs of Florida, there was nothing quite like taking a book out on to the patio to read—even better, the beach! I would prop up an umbrella and settle down for a day of reading. As I got older, my day reading turned into late night reading, snuggled up in my blankets with a cup of café con leche. At the age of 25 as an avid reader, you would be correct in assuming that I have read my fair share of books. I started collecting classic w

Among natural wonders: a weekend in Zhangjiajie

This past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Zhangjiajie, China. Nestled in China’s Hunan province, this small city of little over 1 million in population is a must see on your tour of China. Various iconic features and recognizable landscapes, true and inspired, originated here. Despite, it’s size, the city contains many natural wonders that will take your breath away and I was prepared to see as many as possible. Camera, hiking gear, and other necessities packed, I was read

A new year means new adventures

With the holidays behind us and a new year before us, now is the time to plan to create awesome memories for 2019. We have months ahead that are full of potential. Potential to experience something you have been curious to try; potential to venture to exciting destinations; potential to do amazing things. So, we cannot waste away the new year doing the same thing. Redundancy leads complacency. It is time to spice up the year and kick it into gear. What better way to do this than with new adventu